PurseN – the answer to all my organization dreams

You all already know I love a good organization hack and I have found the HOLY GRAIL of organization essentials! Introducing PurseN… PurseN is a full collection of high-end travel accessories that make traveling and organization seamless! With all of the traveling Max and I have been doing (see travel post over on Haute Mess Mamas) I have been in dire need of a good organization system. I have always been the one to pack two weeks prior to a trip to ensure I don’t miss match any outfits or leave without something that I need but with a baby… that’s a different story. I honestly think I need to pack at least a month in advance-only kind of kidding. The first time we flew (without my PurseN accessories) I was digging through my bag for what felt like hours just to find my chapstick.

Here’s where PurseN comes in… when I originally formed this collaboration I was SO excited because my aunt actually introduced me to PurseN years ago, when a friend gifted her one of their jewelry cases, and when I received the products I made the connection! My favorite print currently is ‘White Dunes‘ it’s a beautiful white and taupe print that is so timeless. In this post I will be reviewing and telling you all about their Lexi Travel Organizer, Classic Makeup Case, Organizer Insert, and Pill Organizer – all in White Dunes! *Read till the bottom to find out some EXCITING news*

The Lexi Travel Organizer-

Ok, so the only way I can really explain this is imagine a fabric, pocketed binder. Does that make sense? No? Ok, I have a little video to show you how great this one is going up on my Instagram come Friday! It is the best binder I have ever owned! I can fit all of my makeup brushes, and a few hair clips in it and it fits in my diaper bag and purse! Another great feature of this organizer is that it literally has binder rings so if you don’t need the three organizers it comes with you can easily remove one, two, or all three of them!

Classic Makeup Case-

Just as the name says – it’s a classic! This petite case holds your daily essentials; bronzer, lipstick, blush, and a mascara. I also keep a few pens and a lip liner and brow pen in there because a girls brows are the key to a great selfie!

Organizer Insert-

So, not only is this insert great for my purse but it’s great for my diaper bag and the pockets fit diapers and wipes! #momwin It is also expandable which makes for lots of goodies going in my bag. I also try to keep it smaller so I put less in my purse because I find myself to be a purse-stuff hoarder but my reasoning is if all my stuff is organized is it really hoarding?

Pill Organizer-

Ok, this last item I used a little differently since the only “pill” I take is my prenatal! I decided to use it to organize my studs. I am a jewelry FREAK! My jewelry collection is much larger than the average persons should be but I believe the best accessories really make the outfit! If you do take medication this case is THE BEST! It has a pocket for each and every day as well as a big pocket for you bigger pills. It is about the size of your palm and can easily fit in any purse, or pocket book as my grandma calls it! (I may have to get her one for Christmas…yes, I think that far in advance)

There are so many great patterns and designs from PurseN but I think what I love most about them is how easy the fabric is to clean…another #momwin. If you are looking for the most efficient packing strategy look no further. I can not say enough great things about this company and their products. They are made so well, organize perfectly, clean easy, and are incredibly adorable.


*See above pill organizer turned earring and ring organizer*

On my wish list from PurseN:

I plan to get these items in my suitcase ASAP… b/c of the jewelry addiction and new intense skincare routine and hair products!

1. Bangle Bar – ya girls got LOTS of bangles/watches

2. Diva Makeup Case – to hold my beauty blender (IN ITS OWN COMPARTMENT…PRAISE!) and skincare products

3. Tiara Weekender Jewelry Case – again LOTS of jewelry

Until I get those you can find me storing them in pill containers and makeup bags – see PurseN is multifunctional and they didn’t even plan it! I think my top choice on the PurseN piece I add next is the Diva Makeup Case because it has so many compartments to fit all of my bulky makeup, face lotions and sprays, bobby pins, and brushes! It’s an all in one which I definitely need as a traveling mom! Now to the good stuff…

Who wants their own PurseN?!

I have partnered up with Purse N to giveaway a credit of $50 towards anything on their site! To find out how to enter head on over to my Instagram → @abravemess and look for the PurseN video this Tuesday ! (July 19th)

As always… I am sending you all SO much love and remember…

“You’re not a mess. You’re brave for trying.”

xoxo, Kate

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