One month down a million more to go! 

Max and I are sitting here on this chilly Sunday morning waiting for volunteer service to start at church and I can’t help but become overwhelmed with how fast time is flying by. Max is just shy of two months old and I feel like I had him just yesterday. Everyday he is growing and changing and learning new things about himself and the world. 

I can’t help but think, is he learning the right things? Am I doing all I can to make sure he knows everything he needs to? As moms I think we question our decisions wayyyy more than we need to. We are constantly worried about what others think about how we are raising our babies but the truth is no one knows what’s best for your baby except you! No matter how many kids they may have or how many degrees in child psychology they may have, you know best.

So why is it so hard to not immediately start questioning our own decisions, choices, and beliefs? If I have learned anything in the past two months it’s that being a mom is the hardest job anyone could ever have and you don’t even get a paycheck at the end of the week! But I have also learned it is the most rewarding job in the world. Every time that little baby looks up at you with bright eyes and a tiny grin you can’t help but melt and cry with tears of exhaustion. 

Recently I announced on my social media I was stepping into a new business venture with one of my best friends and favorite Momma’s and the amount of love and support we got amazed me! If you don’t follow me on social media let me give you a little background… Brittany and I met two years ago thanks to the most insane of circumstances and we can’t wait to give you a little back story once our site launches May 15th but for now I am going to leave you with suspense! We are launching our blog and brand, Haute Mess Mamas, in hopes that more moms can connect with one another and realize they aren’t bad moms, no one else can tell them how to raise their babies, and that they will know and remember they are doing an amazing job! This job ain’t easy but we hope to bring a realness and level of comfort to old and new moms that we wish we would have had in the beginning of it all! 

With that being said, follow us on social media and check out of site as soon as it launches! You don’t want to miss it!

“You’re not a mess. You’re brave for trying.”

XOXO, Kate

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