When I find one great maternity company… I do a little happy dance. When I find two… I can’t contain my excitement! Recently I collaborated with two amazing sister companies. This morning I’m going to tell you about one of them but keep an eye out for the second piece a little later on! 

Whoever said “leggings aren’t pants” isn’t really living. Pre pregnancy I wore leggings around the house, to the gym, it with the occasional oversized sweater but now that I’m eight months pregnant I practically live in my leggings. Small problem – even my leggings are getting tight. How does that even happen?! 

Then comes in my true hero… @preggo.leggings ❤️ While I had found maternity leggings none were like these… Not only do they adjust in size to my growing belly but they are super trendy and comfortable! For my first pair I chose the faux vegan leather black maternity leggings for their obvious style and perfect accompaniment with my new thigh high Steve Madden boots! But, when I received the leggings they were so much more than good looking! They were comfy! 

Now please excuse me while I go buy 3 more pairs to last me through these last couple of weeks! Don’t miss out on the comfort and style of these amazing leggings and be on the lookout for the corresponding post about their sister company later! 

Find my adorable and cozy leggings here :

PS. They offer a 15% off coupon when you sign up for their newsletter too! 

xoxo, Kate

“You’re not a mess. You’re brave for trying.” 

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