As promised… part two of my sister company post from this morning! The other company I collaborated with is @you_lingerie ! Y’all know I love a good day spent in a robe but we can’t forget the pretty goodies that go under the robes! 😉 

You Lingerie! features maternity and nursery lingerie sets. While I know not every mom nurses, these comfy bras can be used by anyone! They are not only comfy but beautiful! The nursing bras are super easy to unhook when baby is hungry even with the added support and padding! Seen below you will see the ‘Sexy You! Nursing Bra’ and ‘Flirty You! Panties’. 

Go follow them on Instagram and snag yourself one (or six) of these fabulous nursing bras and matching panties! 

Find my bra here : https://www.you-lingerie.com/collections/maternity-nursing-bras/products/sexy-you-maternity-nursing-bra

Panties found here : https://www.you-lingerie.com/collections/panties/products/flirty-you-panty

xoxo, Kate

“You’re not a mess. You’re brave for trying.”

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