Another hospital bag checklist…

First times the charm? Not in my case! I have now packed my hospital bag a grand total of four times and am now on my fifth attempt to perfection! Thank the good Lord above for all the mommas in my life, and my social media momma friends because without them I would be on my tenth attempt by now.

After my first stay in the hospital I thought I knew everything I needed to know and I had learned from my mistakes but I forgot one crucial thing… this time I will be leaving the hospital with a BABY! This thought is absolutely terrifying but also incredibly exciting and my dreams are now all about birthing and finally being able to hold my sweet baby Max. I am attaching the graphic I made that I think (and I am probably wrong) is the closest thing to the perfect packing list for the type A momma! I am including my favorite, cutest, and some of the most reliable brands I know! I wish I could pack more but when touring the hospital yesterday the doctor told me I couldn’t bring my two rolling suitcases, so I guess that plans ruined! Here’s to my sixth attempt! Leave a comment and let me know if I forgot anything or if this was helpful to you!


As always, thanks for reading!


XOXO, Kate

“You’re not a mess. You’re brave for trying.”

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