Shopaholics {not so} anonymous …

Ok, so by now you all know I have a serious love, and addiction, for shopping but here’s the catch – I love shopping for other people! I may love shopping for gifts more than I like shopping for myself! I know… shocker! I honestly thought I had found all of the best boutiques in Savannah until today and now I am addicted! 

Let me tell you a little bit about my new retail obsession. Recently I started a Collaboration with Annabelle’s -find them on Instagram @annabelles_homeandgifts – and today I got to visit the shop! So first things First Ladies and gents… the owner ,Katy, is the absolute sweetest! She started her business when her daughter , Annabelle, was just 3 weeks old! Can we talk about a super mom?! Throughout my time in getting to know Katy I have seen just how much she truly loves her sweet girl by how hard she is working for her! Annabelle’s has everything you need from gifts, Savannah snacks, home decor, women’s and men’s accessories, and my personal favorite baby necessities! 

While there are so many things I adore about this woman and her store I think that my favorite is that she focuses on selling Savannah and Low Country products! I am all for shopping local and it’s so amazing to see such amazing entrepreneurs featured at Annabelle’s!

The first local business I am going to share with y’all is Sallie Bynum Anzelmo Art and Design! First things first everything is made by hand – which to me makes everythingso much better! 

Now let me tell you about these three pieces…

– Hand-painted glass stemless wine (or water for my fellow preggo friends) The wine glass below is painted in gold and ivory but Annabelle’s sells so many of these gorgeous glasses in so many colors as well as with and without the stem!   

– Hand-painted oyster • The thing I love most about this is that it is so multifunctional! I am using it as a jewelry dish but you could use it for decoration, ear buds (those suckers always disappear), bobby pins (another disappearing mystery)… the possibilities are endless! 

– Hand Painted Oyster and Tassel Keychain This is by far my favorite product that I have  reviewed from Annabelle’s thus far… I mean, it’s absolutely stunning! Girl go ahead and tell your man or galentine that this is all you want and NEED! It’s so elegant and classy with a little bit of sass… peep the tassel! 

Seriously, all my local ladies, I don’t know what you are waiting for! Hop in the car, get on the road, and head to Annabelle’s and get you the perfect gift for your friend, family member, or even yourself! Everyone deserves to buy themselves a gift every once in a while! 

If you aren’t local follow them on Instagram at @Anabelles_homeandgifts to keep up with all of the beautiful things they have ✨

As always, thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions about Annabelle’s!

XOXO, Kate 

“You’re not a mess. You’re brave for trying.” 

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