“Mom… I’m bored!” 

“Mom… I’m bored.” I know this is something I’m going to hear for the next 16 or so years from Max but the amount of times I have said this in the past 48 hours is insane…

As you all {obnoxiously} know, I am on bed rest for the next week due to Max and his little escape plan he was trying to accomplish. So… I have made a list of things you can try if you need to occupy your time, with minimal movement, but still feel accomplished!

1. Make a list of things to do once you can be super active again.

– Ok, I know this probably isn’t the best thing for me emotionally but come on, I LOVE a good to-do list!

2. Do some in bed yoga 🕉

– I have always had a soft spot for yoga (shoutout to Ashley for my obsession) and during my pregnancy this has been my favorite escape! Pregnant or not, yoga is perfect for everyone because it’s all about what YOU can do and no one else.


– If you watch my Instagram stories (or are one of my many victims to the daily FaceTime calls) then you know I LOVE a good puzzle. Whether it be soduko, a crossword, wordsearch (thanks Rachel for my custom one), or a good old fashion puzzle… you can count me in! Puzzles are a great way to relax, think, and challenge your brain! I’ll take a little brain power to go alongside this pregnancy brain!

4. Read!

– I will be the first to admit… I don’t read enough but it’s something I am definitely trying to do more… so with that said, please leave me a comment and let me know if you have any good book suggestions!

5. Cliché…. SHOP

– I know, I know… how stereotypical of me. But, COME ON! Have you seen some of these baby boutiques on Instagram?! How can I resist?! Anywhere from baby moccasins, cutie clips, onesies, car seat covers, maternity clothing, and mommy-baby matching beanies! I need it all! Here’s a list of my fave Instagram shops to fuel all of your baby fever so I don’t feel so badly about my shopping problem!

  • Pacifier Clips: @ryanandrose
  • Moccasins: @potatofeet
  • Baby Goods and Accessories: @lennylemons
  • Car Seat Covers: @pipandleobaby
  • Maternity {boutique} Clothing: @sexymamamaternity & @shopmvb & @mamagamaworld @shoppinkblush
  • BEANIES: @woolydoodle
  • Mommy – Baby Jewelry: @poshmommyjewelry
  • Accessories (because you can’t forget about Mommy’s style): @harperandjewels
  • Diaper Bag Organizer: @totesavvy
  • Nursing Bras: @cadenshae

6. Admire the view

– While my view is very different than most of my followers (shoutout to my friends that aren’t pregnant)… it is so easy to forget to stop and smell the roses, or in my case stop and get kicked in the ribs. This alone time has shown me how truly incredible pregnancy is. While it is kind of scary and a little weird, watching my little peanut wiggle and squirm brings me so much joy {and sometimes pain}. Don’t forget to look around you and thank God for every little piece of beauty that surrounds you… whether that me a little miracle growing inside you, that Starbucks you picked up this morning, or the beautiful view around you. 

XOXO, Kate 

“You’re not a mess. You’re brave for trying.”


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