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I'm Kate - the mama behind A Brave Mess. I am a 20-something, young mama of a sweet baby boy named Max ... who is my inspiration behind ABM! Some say I'm a southerner but I am a self-proclaimed "melting-pot" and world traveler. But a few "y'all's" and "bless your hearts" are bound to slip out time and time again. Lover of Dr. Pepper, Starbucks, long walks down EVERY aisle in Target, pretty photos, sparkles, and all things magical. Some would say I live my life in a make-believe fairytale, but hey, that's better than living in a place I hate!

I am a single mom (soon to be married to the man of my dreams) who started blogging kind of by accident and I wouldn't change it for the world! I am able to provide for my son while taking pretty pictures, making memories, and connecting with some of the most amazing women, companies, and mom-preneurs out there!

Max and I currently live in VA with my fiancĂ© - with Max traveling back to Atlanta, GA to visit Max's dad! We love meeting new friends and loving on old ones - so stop in, say hi, and hit that subscribe button! We would love to have ya!



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